Company Profile:
Amg Medikal Laboratuary Solutions Dış Ticaret Ltd Şti. was established in 2008 to make and develop business relationships among manufacturers, importers and exporters in Turkey, Middle East mostly (Iraq Syria Saudi Arabia Libya) and Europe (mostly Germany, France) with the principle of quality, reliable and fast service. Since the foundation with its continuous growing structure and quality services AMG Medikal Foreign Trade goals to have cooperation with companies procuring Medical Equipments, Medical Devices, Medical X-Ray Systems, Mobile X-Ray Systems, X-Ray Systems, Radiology Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Radiology Devices, Cr Systems, Digital X-ray, Fluoroscopy Stomach Tables, Conventional X-Ray, Mammography, Pacs Systems, Radiology Accessories, Girders, ID Cameras, Hospital Beds, Gynecology and Birth Tables, Lead Folding Screens, Wheelchair, Stretcher, Negatoscope, X-Ray Tables, Children's Bed, Sterilization Devices, Intensive Care Devices, Medical Supplies, Laboratory Supplies and targets to gain trust and success in the sector through its goals from Turkey to Middle East and Europe.

Related Companies, Brands:
Biomerieux, Siemens, Roche, Abbott, Cobas, Elecsys, Chorus, Reflotron, Optimed, Electrolux, ,

Countries Export to:
Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia, Turkic Republics, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Balkan Countries, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia

Medical Devices, Syringe, Wheelchair, Laboratory Equipments, Diapers, Stretchers, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Hospital Furnitures, Needle, Negatoscope, First Aid Kits, Digital X-Ray, Gauze, Stethoscope, Grids, Blood Pressure Instruments, Radiology Equipments, Radiology Devices, Cr Systems, Fluoroscopic Stomach Tables, Conventional X-Ray, Mammography, Pacs Systems, Radiology Accessories, Id Cameras, X-Ray Tables, Operating Room Equipments, Intensive Care Units, Obstetrics And Gynecology Tables, Operating Room Devices, Operating Room Lights, Operating Room Supplies, Mobile C-Ram X-Ray Systems, Portable X-Ray Systems, Chest X-Ray Systems, Hospital Cot, Lead Folding Screens, Incontinent Patient Diapers, Neonatal Units, Sterilization Devices, Orthopedic Products And Equipments, Hospital Laundry Equipments, Dental Equipments And Consumables, Veterinary Equipments And Supplies, Emergency Response Equipments And Devices, Ecg Devices, Operating Room Tools, Operating Room Table

Established Date: 2008  Tax Office: Gazikent  Tax Number: 0680810968  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: Eyüp Tacettin GÜNSOY